Social Emotional Learning

Goal for Social Emotional Learning
Helping parents help children understand themselves, understand others, and how to make responsible decisions. 

What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?
Social Emotional Learning is how children and adults understand and manage their emotions.

Benefit of Social Emotional Learning
Social Emotional Learning helps improve school climate, better academic performances, improved attitude about school, fewer negative behaviors, and reduced emotional stress.

How can parents help their child with Social Emotional Learning?
Parents can assist by getting involved with school activities with students, and keeping open lines of communication with school staff.  It is important for students to practice these skills at home, and at school. 

How to bring SEL into the homes?
-Take time to talk about feelings with your child daily.  Start with sharing you feelings as the parents, and asking your child to share their feelings as well.
-Teach positive ways of managing stress, disappointment, and anger.
-Use story time to develop social awareness by asking you child how they would feel if they were in a similar situation as the characters in the story.
-Develop you child's ability to resolve conflict by asking questions about the situation instead of giving advice. 
-Talk to your child about consequences by asking questions like "what might happen if you choose to not to wear your coat if its cold outside?" or "how might your friend feel if you choose to cancel your plans to get together."