Parents & Students

J.U. Blacksher School, like all schools in the Monroe County School System, follows a six-part strategic plan. The plan is as follows:

  1. To foster a positive culture and climate that promotes optimal learning and responsible citizenship.

  2. To provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum that prepares all students to be college and/or career ready.

  3. To utilize the 21st Century tools and instructional strategies that support learning and equip students to be globally competitive.

  4. To engage parents, community, business, and industry in meaningful relationships that lead to increased student achievement.

  5. To provide safe, accessible, and well-maintained buildings and grounds that promote pride and create a healthy environment for teaching and learning.

  6. To implement strategies and initiatives that increase on-time graduation.

In turn, students enrolled at JUB have expectations:

  1. You attend school every day (unless you are sick or have some other excused absence.)

  2. You are on your best behavior every day at school and ay every school-sponsored event.

  3. You respect yourself, classmates, all faculty and staff, and visitors on campus.

  4. You come to school rested and ready to learn.

  5. You come to school with needed supplies and homework complete.

  6. You come to school with a great attitude.

  7. You read every opportunity you have. This will help you in every subject.

  8. You talk to your parents/guardians every day about your school day.

  9. You ask your teachers questions and seek their help when needed.

  10. You never bully, and you always tell a teacher or administration if you are being bullied.