2017-2018 Supplies

Science Supplies


Students Need -

~1 - 3-Ring Binder -

1” with Slant-D rings, View Binder - prefer Heavy Duty

~Notebook Paper

~2-Pocket Folder, 3-hole punched

~Small, hand-held pencil sharpener

~Pack of Highlighters (2 colors or more)

~Box Colored Pencils

~Pencil pouch or box Examples: nb nb nb

Donations for Classroom Use -  Choose one of the following lists:

List 1

~1 pack AA and 1 pack of AAA Batterie (4 per pack)

~1 ream Colored copy paper

~1 roll Duct Tape and 1 roll Washi Tape - Different Colors/Patterns

~1 - 5 Gallon Bucket - Clean

List 2

~2 Pack of Tape ~Package of Page Protectors

~Roll of Paper Towels ~Ziplock Bags (any size)

~Dry Erase Markers ~Clorox Wipes

~Post-It Notes ~Liquid Soap  (PLEASE - No Hand Sanitizer!)

List 3

1 cartridge of hp printer ink #61-  black or tri-color